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  A/C Compressor 


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AC34 New scroll type A/C compressor- Sanden & Mistubishi OPEN
ä AC33 OEM Genius A/C Compressor Mitsubishi OPEN
  AC30 Components for replacing MSC090 A/C Compressors OPEN
  AC30 Popular MSC090 A/C compressors OPEN
  AC29 Control Valve V5 , V6 , 7SB and tester OPEN
  AC28 New Chrysler A/C compressor -7H15 OPEN
  AC27 Front housing – MSC090 OPEN
  AC25 Genius A/C compressors – Benz, BMW OPEN
  AC22 Chrysler A/C compressor – 10PA17J , 10PA17K OPEN
  AC21 New piston –Denso 7SB16C OPEN
  AC20 Genius A/C compressor – SD7V16 , SD6V12 OPEN
  AC19 MSC090, 105 wire plug OPEN
  AC17 Genius A/C compressor – 10S11C ,10S15L, 10S17C OPEN
  AC16 V5 A/C compressor – Replacing OPEL OPEN
  AC15 Cylinder Housing to replacing SD7V16 OPEN

Cylinder Housing to replacing Sanden SD508 ,7H15

  AC12 A/C compressor Keihin HS110R OPEN
  AC11 A/C compressor to replacing BMW OPEN
  AC10 A/C compressor to replacing Benz OPEN
  AC09 Genius MSC 090 Clutch sets OPEN
  AC08 Orifice Tube OPEN
  AC07 New planetary swash plate assembly – V5 , 7V16 OPEN
  AC06 Genius A/C compressor – 10S17C OPEN
  AC05 7SBU16C Clutch sets OPEN
  AC02 Genius MSC 105  A/C compressor OPEN
  AC01 A/C compressor to replacing Honda Compressors. OPEN